Why Stay Away From The Book Of Enoch


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    Why Stay Away From The Book Of Enoch

    The Book of Enoch is an ancient Jewish text that was rejected by the council of rabbis in the 2nd century and not included in the Hebrew Bible. The book contains a lot of interesting information, including a detailed description of the fallen angels, who are also called the Watchers. The Watchers are a group of 200 angels who married human women and had children with them. While the book is rejected by most mainstream religions, it’s still studied by many people. However, there are some good reasons why you should stay away from it.

    What is the Book of Enoch?

    The Book of Enoch is a pseudepigraphal text that was popular in early Judaism. It is not part of the canon of the Hebrew Bible or any other biblical canon, but it is considered to be inspired scripture by some Christian denominations. The text contains detailed descriptions of the fall of the Watchers, a group of angels who descended to Earth to mate with humans. This event is said to have led to the corrupt state of the world that exists today.

    Why is the Book of Enoch controversial?

    The Book of Enoch is a pseudepigraphal work (a work of literature claiming to be by a biblical character). It is not included in canonical scripture by Jews or most Christians, but it is considered canonical by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The controversy stems from its inclusion of extra-biblical material such as references to fallen angels and Watchers, as well as Metatron, who is not mentioned in the Bible. Some scholars argue that the book contains elements of Gnosticism, which was rejected by orthodox Christianity. Others believe that the author was trying to synthesize elements of Judaism and Christianity, which would have been controversial in the early days of Christianity.

    What are some arguments for and against the Book of Enoch?

    The Book of Enoch is a pseudepigraphal text, meaning that it was not written by the person it is ascribed to. In this case, the text purports to be written by the biblical figure Enoch, who was the great-grandfather of Noah. The book contains a number of unique and strange ideas not found in other parts of the bible, including detailed descriptions of fallen angels who mated with human women and produced a race of giants.

    On one hand, some argue that because the Book of Enoch is not found in the Hebrew Bible or Christian canon, it must not be inspired scripture. Others argue that its unbridled popularity in early Christianity (it was quoted by a number of Church Fathers) indicates that it must have been held in high esteem by Christians at one point in history.

    Those who view the Book of Enoch as inspired scripture believe that it provides valuable insight into topics such as angelic nature and rebellion, Satan’s origins, and God’s judgment on sin. Its unique perspective can help round out our understanding of biblical truths. Additionally, many find its stories simply captivating.

    On the other hand, detractors argue that the Book of Enoch promotes heresy and may even lead people astray from orthodox Christianity. They point to its strange ideas about angels and demons as evidence that it cannot be trusted. Additionally, some argue that its popularity in early Christianity was due to a misunderstanding; Church Fathers who quoted from the book

    The Book of Enoch is an ancient text that many people believe holds important religious and spiritual value. However, there are several reasons why you may want to stay away from this book. First, the book is not included in the Bible, which means it does not have official sanction from Christian authorities. Second, the book has been known to contain inaccurate information and falsehoods. Finally, some of the content in the book can be disturbing or offensive. If you are looking for religious or spiritual guidance, it might be best to stick with texts that have been vetted by experts and approved by official institutions.


    Have you heard about The Book of Enoch? It’s an ancient Jewish religious text that some scholars believe was written between 200–300 BCE. Although the original text is thought to have been lost, many fragments of it have been preserved in various manuscripts and fragments.

    It’s thought that the book was written by Enoch, a pre-Flood figure in Jewish tradition and the great-grandfather of Noah. The book is full of strange and mysterious passages that some believe to be prophetic in nature.

    The book is a source of controversy because it’s not included in the Bible. In fact, the book has been denounced by some Christian denominations as heretical.

    So why should you stay away from The Book of Enoch? Here are five reasons why:

    1. It’s Not In The Bible: The Book of Enoch is not part of the Biblical canon and therefore not considered to be inspired by God. This means that its teachings cannot be trusted as reliable sources of information.

    2. It Contains Unbiblical Content: The Book of Enoch contains passages that contradict the teachings found in the Bible. This includes teachings about how the world was created and how we should live our lives.

    3. It Promotes Paganism: The Book of Enoch promotes beliefs and practices that have no basis in Christianity. This includes a belief in multiple gods and goddesses, as well as various magical practices.

    4. It Can Lead To False Doctrine: The Book of Enoch has been used to support false doctrines, such as the belief that there are seven heavens or that Jesus was the son of God.

    5. It’s Not Necessary For Salvation: The Book of Enoch is not required for salvation, as it doesn’t contain anything that is essential for a Christian’s faith.

    For all of these reasons, it’s best to stay away from The Book of Enoch. While it may contain interesting passages, it’s not necessary for a Christian’s faith and can even lead to false beliefs and practices. So, it’s best to stick to the Bible and trust in God’s Word instead.

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