why medical sales interview question: Interview Question: “Why Medical Sales?”


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    why medical sales interview question: Interview Question: “Why Medical Sales?”


    Hi, this is Sally from the ABC Sales Team! We’re going to be interviewing you today for our medical sales position. So, why are you interested in joining our team?

    Why medical sales?

    You might be wondering why medical sales is a good fit for you. Here are some reasons:

    • I have an interest in healthcare and I want to help people by improving their lives through my work.
    • I have experience working with doctors and nurses, so this isn’t new territory for me.
    • I am a people person who likes helping others, so they will appreciate my dedication and commitment to them as customers or patients.

    What are your goals for the future?

    • Develop your career. Medical sales is an exciting, fast-paced industry that allows you to be part of the growth of healthcare and make a difference in people’s lives.
    • Make a difference in the world. Working as a medical sales representative means being able to help patients receive high-quality products and services at affordable prices, which can mean life or death for those who need them most–especially those suffering from serious illnesses like cancer or diabetes.
    • Improve your skills. Working as a medical sales representative requires strong communication skills, problem solving abilities, analytical thinking skills and more–all valuable assets that will make you stand out from other candidates during interviews!
    • Learn new things every day by working with some of the world’s top companies such as Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Abbott Laboratories (ABT), Amgen Incorporated (AMGN) etcetera… You’ll gain exposure not only through training programs but also through networking events where we meet new people every day who share their experiences at different companies across many industries including healthcare/pharmaceuticals/biotech etcetera…

    Who is your role model and why?

    A good role model is someone you look up to, who inspires you and makes you want to be like them. They can be a parent or family member, a teacher or coach, or even a celebrity.

    In addition to providing an example of how they have succeeded in their field, role models also help us figure out what it takes for us to achieve our own goals. For example: if your goal is to become an entrepreneur and start your own business someday (like mine), then having someone who has already done this can help show us what success looks like in that field so we know what steps need taken before starting our own business.

    If you’re still not sure why it’s important for medical sales candidates interviewing at Amgen Pharmaceuticals Inc., let me tell you what happened when I didn’t have one during my last job search!

    What is your philosophy of customer service?

    Customer service is a two-way street. It’s not just about helping customers, it’s also about how we treat our employees. We want to make sure that everyone in the organization feels valued and respected by their managers and co-workers. This means that it’s important for us to treat our customers with respect as well as each other at all times.

    We believe that great customer service leads to long term relationships with clients, which builds trust in your company brand over time.

    How would you work with different types of customers and personalities?

    You’ll need to be able to work with different types of customers and personalities. The best salespeople are those who have strong customer service skills, listening skills, communication skills and empathy skills.

    They need to be able to solve problems for their customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident about their decision to purchase from you. In addition to this it’s important for the medical salesperson to be able to negotiate well so that they can get the best deals out there for their clients!


    If you’re interested in helping others, then medical sales is a great career choice. Medical sales allows you to help people who need your product or service. This can be especially rewarding when someone’s life is at stake and they are facing a serious illness or injury that could be treated with your products or services.

    Medical sales also gives you an opportunity to make an impact on the world around you by making sure that everyone has access to health care services they need regardless of their financial situation or location


    The medical sales industry is a great career choice for those who are passionate about helping people and want to make a difference in the world. There are so many different opportunities available, from working with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to selling medical equipment directly to patients at home. If you’re looking for something more than just another 9-to-5 job but still want something stable and reliable then this could be perfect for you!

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