Why Do Bus Drivers Sit On Newspapers


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    Have you ever noticed that bus drivers often sit in newspapers? It’s not because they’re trying to be stylish or because they enjoy the rustling sound. There’s actually a very practical reason for it. Sitting on a newspaper helps bus drivers stay alert and awake during their shift. It may not look comfortable, but it does the trick. So next time you see a bus driver sitting on a newspaper, don’t be surprised. They’re just trying to stay safe and awake!

    The Reason Behind the Newspaper

    The newspaper is a tool that allows the driver to see out the front windshield without having to crane their neck. When it’s raining or snowing, the newspaper provides an extra layer of protection from the elements. In hot weather, the newspaper can be used to fan oneself or keep the sun off one’s face.

    How It All Started

    Bus drivers have been sitting on newspapers since the early days of public transportation. The practice is thought to date back to the days when buses were powered by steam engines. The newspaper would help insulate the driver from the hot boiler. Today, most buses are powered by diesel engines, but the tradition of sitting on newspapers lives on.

    There are a few theories about why bus drivers continue to sit on newspapers. Some say that it’s a comfortable way to stay warm on cold days. Others believe that it helps protect the driver’s clothes from getting dirty. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that sitting on newspapers is a long-standing tradition among bus drivers.

    The Various Uses for the Newspaper

    Most people only think of newspapers as something to read and then throw away, but there are actually a number of different uses for them. For example, bus drivers often sit on newspapers to help keep their clothes clean.

    Another common use for newspapers is wrapping breakable items. This is because the paper is soft and won’t damage the item if it breaks.

    You can also use newspapers as insulation. Just crumple them up and stuff them into any cracks or gaps where you need some extra insulation.

    Finally, if you need to start a fire, newspapers make great kindling. Just ball them up and place them under your wood.

    The Advantages of Sitting on a Newspaper

    Sitting on a newspaper has a number of advantages for bus drivers. It helps to keep them awake, it is comfortable, and it protects their clothes from getting dirty.

    The main advantage of sitting on a newspaper is that it helps to keep the driver awake. This is because the driver is constantly moving around on the seat, which makes it difficult to fall asleep. In addition, the driver can also read the newspaper while sitting on it, which helps to pass the time and stay alert.

    Another advantage of sitting on a newspaper is that it is much more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface like a metal or plastic seat. The paper cushions the driver’s bottom, making it much more comfortable to sit on for long periods of time.

    Finally, sitting on a newspaper also protects the driver’s clothes from getting dirty. This is because the paper absorbs any dirt or grime that might be on the seat, keeping the driver’s clothes clean.

    The Disadvantages of Sitting on a Newspaper

    Sitting on a newspaper has a few disadvantages. For one, it’s not very comfortable. The paper is usually wrinkled and doesn’t provide much padding. Additionally, it’s difficult to stay seated on a newspaper for long periods of time without shifting around, which can be disruptive to other passengers.

    Another downside to sitting on a newspaper is that it’s not very sanitary. Newspapers are often covered in germs and bacteria, which can be transferred to the person sitting on them. This is especially problematic if the passenger has any open cuts or wounds. Finally, sitting on a newspaper can also leave behind ink stains.

    Why Do Bus Drivers Sit On Newspapers?

    There are a few reasons why bus drivers sit on newspapers. The first reason is to keep their pants clean. When a bus driver is driving, they can get dirty from the engine grease and dirt that gets kicked up from the road. Wearing pants that are clean helps them to feel more professional and keeps them looking good for their passengers.

    The second reason bus drivers sit on newspapers is to stay awake. Driving a bus can be very boring and monotonous, so sitting on newspapers helps to keep the driver’s mind active and alert. Additionally, the newsprint helps to keep their legs warm, which can also help to prevent them from falling asleep at the wheel.

    The third reason why bus drivers sit on newspapers is because it’s tradition. Many bus drivers have been doing it for years, and it’s become a part of their routine. It’s also a way for them to bond with other drivers – sitting on newspapers is something that all bus drivers can relate to!


    ☀️Ah, the age-old question: why do bus drivers sit on newspapers? It’s an important question, one that has been debated for decades. The answer is actually quite simple.

    Bus drivers sit on newspapers for one simple reason: they provide comfort and insulation. The newspapers provide a cushion between the driver and the hard metal of the bus seat. This cushion also helps to absorb some of the vibrations of the road, helping to reduce the amount of fatigue that a driver experiences during their shift.

    The newspapers also provide a layer of insulation between the driver and the cold metal seat on cold days. This layer of insulation helps keep the driver warm on those cold winter mornings.

    Lastly, newspapers provide a bit of privacy. Many drivers appreciate having a physical barrier between themselves and the passengers on the bus. This helps to create a more professional atmosphere, as the driver can remain focused on the task at hand.

    In short, newspapers provide comfort, insulation and privacy for bus drivers. They are a small but important part of a driver’s job.

    So, the next time you see a bus driver sitting on newspapers, you now know why!

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