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    Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, but who started it? The history of football has been heavily debated for centuries. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where and when football was first played, but most historians agree that its roots can be traced back to ancient civilizations around 3000 B.C.

    Games resembling modern day football were likely played by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Particular rules and regulations varied from city-state to city-state, so it can be hard to draw any conclusions about the origin of certain aspects of football as we know it today. However evidence suggests that these games used an inflated animal bladders as a ball, which they kicked or threw between two teams trying to score a goal in opposite ends of a field or courtyard.


    Football fans!

    Do you know who started the beautiful game?

    Football has been around for centuries and it’s impossible to pinpoint exactly who started the game. ‍♀️ Many cultures around the world have their own versions of modern football, but all of them can trace their roots back to ancient times.

    The earliest known forms of football were played in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. This version of the game was called Cuju and it involved kicking a leather ball between two poles. In Japan, a similar game called Kemari was also played during the same period.

    The sport of football as we know it today, however, originated in England. In the 12th century, the English began playing a game called Mob Football. This was a chaotic form of the game that involved two teams trying to move the ball to their opponent’s end of town. It was often a violent and chaotic affair played out in the streets.

    It wasn’t until the 19th century that modern football began to take shape. The Football Association was founded in 1863, and it laid down the rules for the game. The modern game has evolved since then, but the basic rules laid down by the Football Association remain to this day.

    So there you have it, who started football? No one person or culture can lay claim to the game, but it is clear to see that it has a long and fascinating history that is still being written today!

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