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    Which Of The Following Would Be An Acceptable First Step In Simplifying The Expression Tanx/1+Secx

    Simplifying expressions can sound daunting, but with a few simple steps, you can reduce even the most complicated equation down to its most basic form. This article will look at an example expression and provide a step-by-step guide on how to simplify it. To make things easier, we’ll be using the expression “tanx/1+secx” as our example. We’ll examine which of the following would be an acceptable first step in simplifying this particular expression. Keep reading to learn more about reducing complex mathematical expressions!

    What is the definition of simplifying an expression?

    There are a few different ways to simplify an expression, but one of the most common is to break it down into smaller parts. For example, the expression “tanx/+secx” can be simplified by breaking it down into two smaller expressions: “tanx” and “+secx”. By doing this, we can more easily see which operations to perform in order to simplify the overall expression.

    What is the difference between Tanx and Secx?

    There are a few key differences between tanx and secx. For one, tanx is undefined at x=pi/2+n*pi, where n is any integer, while secx is only undefined at x=pi/2+n*pi, where n is an odd integer. Additionally, the range of tanx is (-infinity, infinity), while the range of secx is (0, infinity). Finally, the domain of tanx is all real numbers excluding pi/2+n*pi for any integer n, while the domain of secx is all real numbers excluding pi/2+n*pi for any odd integer n.

    What is the first step in simplifying the expression Tanx/1+Secx?

    The first step in simplifying the expression Tanx/1+Secx is to use the identity 1+Secx=Tanx/Cosx. This will give you the following: Tanx/1+Secx=Tanx/(Tanx/Cosx)=Cosx/1= Cosx

    Why is it important to simplify expressions?

    It is important to simplify expressions in order to avoid making mistakes when performing calculations. For example, if an expression is simplified before it is multiplied, the chances of making a mistake are reduced. Additionally, by simplifying an expression, one can more easily see patterns and relationships between variables which can be helpful when solving problems.

    How can simplifying expressions help solve equations?

    There are a few different ways that simplifying expressions can help solve equations. First, if both sides of the equation are simplified, it can be easier to see what operation needs to be performed to solve the equation. For example, if one side of the equation is simplified to just x and the other side is simplified to 2x+1, then it’s clear that all that needs to be done is to subtract 1 from each side in order to solve for x.

    Another way that simplifying expressions can help solve equations is by making them less complicated overall. This can make it easier to work with the equations and understand what’s going on. For example, if an equation has a lot of terms with exponents, simplify those terms first before anything else. This will make the rest of the equation much easier to work with.


    Simplifying the expression tanx/1+secx is a great way to understand how algebraic expressions work. We have shown you how to take the first step in this process by using the identity sec2x=1+tan2x. Once this identity has been applied, it should become much easier to simplify the expression and solve whatever problem you are working on. Remember, practice makes perfect! With enough time and dedication, we are sure that you will be able to master algebra in no time.


    Hi everyone!

    Are you having difficulty simplifying the expression Tanx/1+Secx? Well, don’t worry – you’re not alone! Simplifying expressions can be a tricky task, especially when they involve trigonometric functions.

    The first step in simplifying the expression Tanx/1+Secx is to recall the identity (1+tanx) Secx=Sinx. This identity allows us to rewrite the expression as Sinx/1+Tanx.

    Now that we have the expression in this form, we can apply the distributive property and multiply the numerator and denominator by (1+tanx). This will give us Sinx(1+tanx)/1+Tanx(1+tanx).

    The next step is to combine the numerator and denominator. We can do this by recognizing that Sinx(1+tanx)=Sinx+SinxTanx, and 1+Tanx(1+tanx)=1+Tanx+Tanx^2. So, our expression becomes Sinx+SinxTanx/1+Tanx+Tanx^2.

    Finally, we can simplify the expression by applying the fact that SinxTanx=1/2(1-Cos2x). This will give us the simplified expression 1/2(1-Cos2x) + Sinx/1+Tanx+Tanx^2.

    So there you have it – the first step in simplifying the expression Tanx/1+Secx is to recall the identity (1+tanx) Secx=Sinx, apply the distributive property, combine the numerator and denominator, and finally apply the fact that SinxTanx=1/2(1-Cos2x).

    I hope this helps clear up any confusion you had when it comes to simplifying expressions!

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