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    Manchester is one of the most vibrant cities in England and has been home to some of the greatest footballers in history. From David Beckham to Wayne Rooney, many have made their mark on Manchester’s football scene. But where do these world-renowned players live?

    Many of Manchester’s soccer stars, like most professional athletes, tend to choose prestigious neighborhoods that offer plenty of privacy and security. David Beckham, for example, lived in Prestbury – an affluent suburb located just outside the city center. Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney resides closer to the heart of town at a property near Stretford’s Trafford Centre. Other famous former residents include Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand who both lived in Cheshire’s Alderley Edge – an area known for its luxurious mansions and high-end shopping opportunities.


    Manchester is home to some of the world’s most successful footballers. From household names like Wayne Rooney and Marcus Rashford to rising stars like Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden, Manchester is full of talented footballers.

    But where do they live?

    If you’re a football fan, you may have wondered where these stars call home. Well, we’ve got the answers. Here’s where you can find some of Manchester’s famous footballers living in the city.

    Wayne Rooney

    Wayne Rooney is one of Manchester’s most famous footballers. He currently plays for Derby County, but he still calls Manchester home. Rooney lives in a stunning seven-bedroom mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire.

    Marcus Rashford

    Marcus Rashford is another household name in Manchester. He grew up in Wythenshawe and still lives there to this day. He recently splashed out on a luxurious five-bedroom home in the area.

    Mason Greenwood

    Mason Greenwood is a rising star in Manchester. He currently plays for Manchester United and lives in a swanky four-bedroom property in nearby Hale.

    Phil Foden

    Phil Foden is another talented Man United player. He lives in an extravagant seven-bedroom house in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

    Jesse Lingard

    Jesse Lingard is another Man United player who calls Manchester home. He lives in a luxurious five-bedroom property in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

    David De Gea

    David De Gea is a Manchester United player who’s been in the city since 2011. He currently lives in a stunning seven-bedroom apartment in Hale.

    So, if you ever wanted to know where some of Manchester’s famous footballers live, this is your answer! From Wayne Rooney to Phil Foden, these stars are all calling Manchester home.

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