When Does Boruto Get Good


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    When Does Boruto Get Good


    There’s no doubt that Boruto is a popular anime. But is it any good? That’s a question that fans have been asking since the show first aired. If you’re wondering when Boruto gets good, the answer may depend on what you’re looking for in an anime. Boruto does have its fair share of filler episodes, but there are also some great arcs that are worth watching. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at when Boruto gets good, what the best arcs are, and whether or not the series is worth watching overall.

    The First Half of Boruto is Slow

    The first half of Boruto is slow. The anime does a great job of world building and introducing the new characters, but the plot is slow to start. This can be frustrating for viewers who are used to the fast-paced action of Naruto. However, the first half of Boruto is essential for understanding the events of the second half. Once the plot starts moving, it doesn’t stop. The second half of Boruto is packed with action, adventure, and suspense. It’s worth sticking with the anime until things pick up.

    The Second Half of Boruto is Where it Gets Good

    The second half of Boruto is where it really starts to pick up the pace and get good. The first half of the series was a bit slow and lacked direction, but the second half makes up for that in spades. The story starts to come together and the characters start to become more fleshed out. By the end of the series, you’ll be fully invested in these characters and their world. If you’re looking for a good shonen anime to watch, then Boruto is definitely worth checking out.

    The Future of Boruto

    It’s been a long time coming, but Boruto is finally starting to live up to the hype. The anime has been steadily improving since its rocky start, and with the recent release of the manga, it seems like things are only going to get better from here.

    So what does the future hold for Boruto? Well, for starters, we can expect the anime to continue following the manga closely. This means that we’ll finally get to see some of the major plot points that have been teased since the beginning of the series. Additionally, with the manga now being released on a monthly basis, there’s a good chance that we’ll see more frequent updates to the anime.

    We can also expect to see more focus on Boruto’s relationships with his friends and family. So far, much of the series has been dedicated to showcasing Boruto’s rivalry with his father, Naruto. However, there are plenty of other characters in the series who are worth exploring, and it would be nice to see them get some more attention.

    Finally, we can expect more badass action scenes from Boruto. The animation quality has improved drastically over the course of the series, and with each new arc comes even more impressive fights. If you’re a fan of shounen action, then you definitely won’t be disappointed with what Boruto has to offer in the future.


    It’s difficult to say when Boruto gets good, as it depends on what you’re looking for in an anime. For some viewers, the first few episodes are enough to hook them, while others might find the series drags on until the Chunin Exams arc. However, most fans agree that Boruto is at its best during the latter half of the series, when the focus shifts away from Boruto and toward the next generation of ninja. So if you’re patient, you’ll be rewarded with an enjoyable anime that only gets better as it goes along.


    Hey everyone, it’s time to talk about the age-old question: When does Boruto get good?

    If you’re a fan of the Naruto series, then you’ve likely heard of Boruto, the spin-off sequel series that follows the adventures of Naruto’s son. But, you may also have heard that the series isn’t particularly great compared to the original. So when does Boruto finally start to get good?

    The short answer is that Boruto begins to get good around the time that Naruto’s son and his friends become shinobi in their own right. That’s when things start to get more interesting and the characters start to come into their own. After that point, the story becomes more focused and the action starts to pick up.

    Of course, it’s not just the characters that make Boruto good. The animation and art style are also much improved over the original series, giving the show a more modern feel. The soundtrack is also great, with a mix of traditional Japanese music and modern Western elements.

    However, the best part of Boruto is the characters. While Naruto was a great main character, Boruto’s cast of characters is much larger and more diverse. Each character has their own unique story, and they all have something to contribute to the overall narrative.

    So, when does Boruto get good? The answer is that it takes some time, but it’s definitely worth the wait. If you’re a fan of Naruto, then you’ll definitely enjoy watching Boruto, and if you’re a fan of anime in general, then you’ll find a lot to like about the series. So don’t be afraid to give it a try!

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