What Happens If Prince Philip Outlives The Queen


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    What Happens If Prince Philip Outlives The Queen

    There is no denying that the British Royal Family is one of the most fascinating institutions in the world. And with Prince Philip recently turning 98 years old, there is growing speculation about what will happen if he outlives the Queen. There are a number of possible scenarios, each with its own set of implications. In this blog post, we will explore some of the possible outcomes of Prince Philip outliving the Queen and what they could mean for the future of the monarchy. So, what happens if Prince Philip outlive the Queen? Read on to find out.

    The Line of Succession

    The Line of Succession

    In the event that Prince Philip outlives the Queen, Charles, Prince of Wales would become King. After Charles, the line of succession would pass to his eldest son, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. Following William, it would go to his first-born child, currently Prince George. If George were to die before Charles or William, then his next younger siblings — Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — would take his place in the line of succession.

    How long does the Queen have left?

    As of 2021, the Queen is 95 years old and Prince Philip is 99 years old. This means that there is a very real possibility that Prince Philip will outlive the Queen.

    So, what happens if this scenario plays out? Well, firstly, Prince Philip would become the longest-serving royal consort in British history. He would also automatically become the head of the Commonwealth, a role that is currently held by the Queen.

    Of course, this would be a bittersweet moment for Prince Philip as he would no doubt be grieving the loss of his wife. However, he would have to put on a brave face and carry on with his duties.

    It is worth noting that if the Queen were to die before Prince Philip, he would not automatically become king. This is because the title of king or queen can only be held by someone who has been crowned by an Archbishop or Bishop of Canterbury. As Prince Philip has never been crowned, he would simply become known as the Duke of Edinburgh.

    What will happen to Prince Philip when the Queen dies?

    When the Queen dies, Prince Philip will become a widower. He is likely to move out of Buckingham Palace and into Windsor Castle, where he will live with his children and grandchildren. Philip is also likely to give up his official duties and spend more time on his hobbies, such as painting and sailing.

    Will there be a state funeral?

    The Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral will take place at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle with full military honors, according to his wishes. If he dies before the Queen, her funeral will take place first and he will be buried afterwards in a private ceremony.

    How will the monarchy change if Prince Philip outlives the Queen?

    The monarchy will change in a number of ways if Prince Philip outlives the Queen. First, Prince Charles will become King and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall will become Queen Consort. Second, Prince William will become the new heir to the throne and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge will become his wife, the new Princess of Wales. Third, all of the current members of the Royal Family will have their roles and titles changed. For example, Prince Harry will become Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle will become Duchess of Sussex.


    The Duke of Edinburgh is currently the oldest living member of the British royal family, and if he outlives the Queen, he will become the longest-lived royal in history. While this may seem like a purely academic question, it actually has significant implications for both Prince Philip and the monarchy as a whole. For one thing, it would mean that Prince Philip would have to give up his title of Duke of Edinburgh, and for another, it could potentially destabilize the monarchy if Prince Philip were to outlive Queen Elizabeth II by a significant margin.


    Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have been happily married for more than seven decades. During that time, they have been through thick and thin, good times and bad, and have become the longest-reigning monarch and consort in British history.

    So, what would happen if Prince Philip outlived the Queen? It’s a question that many people have pondered, but one that has no easy answer.

    First, it would be an emotional time for the Royal Family. Losing a loved one is never easy, and the death of the Queen would mean the end of an era for the Royal Family. Prince Philip is a major part of the Royal Family, and his presence would be sorely missed.

    The arrangements for the funeral would be determined by the Royal Family. Prince Philip and the Queen have made it clear that they do not want a state funeral. The Royal Family would likely hold a private ceremony, with a limited number of people in attendance.

    Prince Philip is the longest-serving consort in British history, and he is likely to remain so. After the Queen’s passing, Prince Philip would become the longest-serving consort to a reigning British monarch. This would mean that Prince Philip would still have a role to play in the Royal Family, although it is unclear what that role would be.

    It would also mean that Prince Philip would become the oldest living member of the British Royal Family. This would give Prince Philip the chance to be a mentor to the younger members of the family, offering them advice and guidance as they navigate their way through life.

    In addition, Prince Philip will continue to represent the Royal Family in public engagements and official events. He will remain a beloved figure in the United Kingdom, and he will be remembered fondly for his service to the nation.

    Ultimately, Prince Philip’s life after the Queen will be determined by the Royal Family. He will continue to have a role to play, but the exact nature of that role is unknown. In any case, it will be a difficult time for the Royal Family and the nation.

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