What Happened To Baby Edward


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    What Happened To Baby Edward

    Baby Edward was born into a life of poverty and neglect. His mother was a drug addict and his father was abusive. By the time he was 2 years old, he had already been through 5 foster homes. At age 3, he was finally adopted by a loving family. But even with a stable home life, Edward struggled in school and experienced behavioral issues. Now, at age 19, Edward is in prison for murder. What happened to Baby Edward? How did he go from a neglected child to a convicted murderer?

    Edward’s birth and early life

    King Edward VIII was born on June 23, 1894, at Richmond-upon-Thames in Surrey, the eldest son of Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence and Avondale (elder son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales) and Princess Alexandra of Denmark. He was named after his paternal grandfather and great-grandfather. His godparents were Queen Victoria (his paternal grandmother), the German Emperor Wilhelm II, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and Crown Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia (his maternal aunt).

    He was educated at home by tutors until the age of eight when he began attending lessons with other boys at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight; he later attended Wellington College in Berkshire. In 1910, he went to Trinity College, Cambridge where he read history. During his time at university, he became interested in sports cars and motor racing.

    On May 6 1915 Edward’s younger brother Prince Albert Victor died suddenly of pneumonia. The following year their father died unexpectedly from a heart attack while visiting Sandringham House; Edward’s grandfather became king as George V. As heir apparent Edward became Duke of Cornwall and Rothesay and Earl of Chester.

    Edward’s kidnapping

    On the night of October 10, 1874, Edward Smith was snatched from his crib in the small town of Bolton, Massachusetts. The nine-month-old baby’s disappearance baffled investigators, who found no signs of a struggle and no ransom note. A massive search effort turned up no clues, and the case quickly grew cold.

    For over a century, Edward’s kidnapping remained one of America’s most baffling missing person cases. In 2013, however, new information came to light that may finally provide some answers.

    In September 2013, police in Massachusetts announced that they had discovered human remains in a wooded area near where Edward was taken. The remains were identified as those of Edward Smith, and police said that he had been murdered.

    While the discovery of Edward’s body brings some closure to the case, it does not solve the mystery of who took him or why. Investigators are still working to piece together what happened to Baby Edward all those years ago.

    The search for Edward

    The search for Edward began shortly after he was reported missing. The police were contacted and a search party was organized. They searched the surrounding area for any sign of the child but found nothing. The case quickly went cold and remained unsolved for years.

    In 2006, a new lead surfaced when a woman came forward claiming to have seen Edward the day he went missing. She said she saw him with a man who she did not recognize. This new information led the police to reopen the case and they began searching for this man. However, they were unable to find him and the case remains unsolved.

    The aftermath of Edward’s kidnapping

    The aftermath of Edward’s kidnapping was devastating for his family. His mother was left with a broken heart and his father was never the same. The family struggled to cope with the loss and eventually fell apart. Edward’s kidnapping was a tragedy that changed their lives forever.

    It is tragic whenever a baby dies, but it is even more heart-wrenching when the death could have been prevented. Baby Edward’s story is a sad reminder of the importance of never leaving your child unattended, even for a moment. We can only hope that his death will serve as a warning to other parents and help prevent future tragedies.


    What happened to Baby Edward? It’s a question that has been on everyone’s minds for decades.

    For those who don’t know, Baby Edward was a baby born in the early 1900s to a poor family in England. He was an adorable little boy with bright blue eyes and a happy disposition.

    Unfortunately, Baby Edward disappeared without a trace one day when he was just a toddler. His family searched for him and even hired detectives to try and find him, but he was never seen again.

    So what happened to Baby Edward? To this day, no one knows. There are a few theories that have been proposed, but none of them have been proven.

    One of the most popular theories is that he was kidnapped. Some believe that a wealthy family wanted a baby and they used their influence and resources to get him. However, this theory has never been proven.

    Another theory is that he became ill and was taken to an orphanage. This is possible, but again, it has never been proven.

    Finally, some people believe that he was taken away by an angel or spirit. This is quite a romantic notion, but it’s highly unlikely that this actually happened.

    So what really happened to Baby Edward? It’s a mystery that will likely remain unsolved forever. All we can do is remember him and hope that wherever he is, he’s happy and content.

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