weblogic interview questions and answers: 53 Weblogic Portal Interview Questions (With Example Answers)


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    weblogic interview questions and answers: 53 Weblogic Portal Interview Questions (With Example Answers)


    Weblogic is a Java application server. It is one of the major components of the Oracle WebLogic suite of products. Weblogic is used for developing and deploying web-based applications. The following are some frequently asked questions about Weblogic Portal:

    1. What is Weblogic Portal?

    Weblogic Portal is a J2EE-based portal server that provides a set of tools for developing and deploying web applications. It’s an application server, which means it provides a platform on which you can build and run Java EE applications. Weblogic Portal also includes a portal framework, which allows you to build customized portals.

    2. What are the different versions of Weblogic Portal?

    • Weblogic Portal 10.3.5
    • Weblogic Portal 10.3.4
    • Weblogic Portal 10.3.3
    • Weblogic Portal 10.3.2
    • Weblogic Portal 10.3.1

    3. Is Weblogic Portal an open source application server?

    Weblogic Portal is a proprietary application server developed by Oracle. It is not open source, but it can be downloaded for free for development and testing purposes. You can also purchase Weblogic Portal if you want to use it in production environments.

    4. What are the major features of Weblogic Portal?

    The Weblogic Portal is a web-based application that provides a central management console for all the services and applications running on Weblogic Server. It allows you to perform, monitor and manage your deployments through a single interface.

    The following are some of the major features of Weblogic Portal:

    • Security – You can define roles and configure security policies using this tool so that only authorized users can manage your applications or access certain information in them.
    • Administration – You can use this tool for managing users, groups, sessions and other administrative operations related to your resources such as applications, servers etc.. This feature also lets you create custom pages where users can login into their accounts based on their roles so that they don’t need separate login credentials for every single application/service running on Weblogic Server platform

    5. How do you install Weblogic Portal in your system?

    Weblogic Portal is a web application server that allows you to create and deploy Java-based applications. It comes with many features, including:

    • Security, which allows you to control who can access your application and what they can do within it.
    • Administration tools, which make it easy for you to configure Weblogic Portal so that all users have the same experience when they use your site or app.

    We’ll cover some of these topics later in this guide (and others as well). For now let’s focus on installation–how do you get started?

    6. Is Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) same as Oracle WebLogic Platform (OWP)?

    Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) is a J2EE application server that serves as the foundation for Oracle WebLogic Platform (OWP). WLS is not part of OWP and is instead licensed as a separate product.

    Oracle WebLogic Portal is one of many products in OWP.

    7. What are the differences between Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle WebLogic Suite?

    Oracle WebLogic Server is the application server. It provides a runtime environment for Java EE applications and services, along with a configurable infrastructure to support them.

    Oracle WebLogic Suite is the complete application development and deployment platform. It includes Oracle WebLogic Server, together with tools that help you develop, deploy, monitor and manage your enterprise applications.

    Oracle WebLogic Suite Developer (OWLDE) is an Eclipse-based tool for building and deploying Java EE applications on Oracle WebLogic Server

    8. What is Oracle WebLogic Suite Developer?

    The Oracle WebLogic Suite Developer is a collection of tools to develop, deploy, and manage applications on the Oracle WebLogic Suite platform. It includes:

    • Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) – this provides an extensible application server for developing and running Java EE applications in an integrated development environment (IDE).
    • Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer Tools – this provides an IDE that allows you to create Java EE components using JDeveloper; it also includes other related tools such as SQL*Plus and Forms Console Builder.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this product, see our article What Is The Difference Between JDeveloper And Forms Console Builder?


    We hope that this blog has been helpful to you. Keep in mind that these are just some of the questions that you might be asked during an interview. You should always prepare a list of questions to ask at the end of the interview, so make sure to do your research on the company and come prepared!

    If you’re interested in learning more about WebLogic Suite Developer or other products offered by Oracle (such as Fusion Middleware), check out their careers page here: https://www-304.oracle.com/careers/jobs/index_wlsdev_jersey_newjerseyusa?locale=en


    This is not a comprehensive list of Weblogic Portal Interview Questions. But I hope these 53 questions will help you to crack your interview for Weblogic Portal.

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