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    the person who takes interview is called: The People You Might Meet in an Interview


    I’m going to tell you about the person who takes an interview. You should know that there are many people involved in the hiring process and interviewing is just one part of it.

    The hiring manager

    The hiring manager is usually the person who will make the decision to hire you or not. The hiring manager may be a team leader or supervisor, but it’s also possible that someone else in the company asked for your interview and will be making decisions about whether or not to hire you based on how well your interview goes.

    The interviewer

    The interviewer is the person who asks you questions and makes notes about your answers. The interviewer wants to find out if you are a good fit for the job and how well you might fit with their team, so they will ask questions related to this topic.

    The interviewer might be someone from HR or another team member in addition to being an official “interviewer” (like me!). In some cases there may be more than one interviewer at once–for example, if there are multiple positions available within your specific department at work, then each position will have its own set of interviewers who will ask different sets of questions based on what kind of information they need from applicants.

    The decision maker

    The decision maker is the person who will be your boss if you are hired. This is the person who makes the hiring decision and determines whether or not to offer you a job.

    If you get an offer, it’s up to them whether or not they want to hire you–and if they do, what kind of salary package they want to give you.


    The hiring manager is the person who will be making the final decision on whether or not you get the job. It’s important that you impress them during your interview, because they have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and don’t want to make a bad choice.

    They may be in charge of hiring for a large organization or just one department within an organization; either way, they need someone who can do their job well and fit into the culture of their team. They’ll want someone who has relevant experience for this particular position–but also demonstrates other qualities like dedication and leadership skills (even if those aren’t required).


    The hiring manager, or the person who actually makes the decision about whether or not to hire you, is often referred to as the decision maker. This person is usually the highest-ranking member of your potential employer’s team who will be present during your interview. They have a lot riding on this process and want to make sure that they’re making good decisions about whom they bring on board–so it’s up to them (and their team) to ask all kinds of questions about your past work experiences, skillsets and interests!

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