Why Does My Dog Put My Hand In His Mouth When I Pet Him


When a dog puts your hand in its mouth while being petted, there can be various reasons behind this behavior. Understanding these reasons can help interpret your dog’s behavior better.

Possible ReasonsExplanation
Playfulness* Dogs often use their mouths to interact during play. They might see your hand as a playful interaction and mimic the behavior of mouthing seen in their littermates.
Teething or Oral Discomfort* Puppies may nip or mouth to alleviate discomfort while teething. Adult dogs might do this if they’re experiencing oral discomfort or pain.
Attention-Seeking Behavior* Some dogs might have learned that putting your hand in their mouth gets your attention, even if it’s negative attention (like trying to stop them).
Communication* Dogs communicate through various means, including mouthing. It might be a way for them to communicate their mood or desire for more or less petting.
Lack of Training* If not trained properly, dogs might not understand that mouthing is inappropriate behavior, especially during petting.


Understanding canine behavior is essential for responsible pet ownership. Dogs communicate through various behaviors, and mouthing during petting might have different interpretations. It’s crucial to observe other cues like body language, tail wagging, and vocalizations to interpret why your dog might be exhibiting this behavior. Seeking advice from a professional dog trainer or a veterinarian can help address and manage such behaviors effectively.

This breakdown aims to explain the potential reasons behind a dog putting your hand in its mouth during petting, offering insights for pet owners or those interested in canine behavior.

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    Why Does My Dog Put My Hand In His Mouth When I Pet Him

    So, you’re petting your dog, and suddenly he grabs your hand and puts it in his mouth. What’s up with that?

    The truth is that dogs do this because they want something from us—they want attention, affection, trust or safety. In other words, they’re communicating with us! So if you’ve ever wondered why your dog wants to put your hand in their mouth, here are the reasons why:

    -They want attention. Dogs are natural attention seekers, so when they grab your hand and put it in their mouth, they’re doing this to get your attention. It’s a form of communication that lets us know that they need something from us.

    -They want affection. Some dogs like to use their mouths to show affection—like giving kisses or licking! So if you pet him and he puts your hand in his mouth, it’s likely because he wants some love from you.

    Your dog is using your hand as a pacifier.

    Dogs don’t have thumbs, so they can’t suck on their own fingers like we do. If they want to comfort themselves, they may turn to other things–like the smell of their owners! It may be that your dog is attracted to the scent of you when you pet him and this makes him feel secure enough to put his mouth on your hand. He could also be trying to get your attention by doing so–it’s sort of like holding up a sign that says “I need something.”

    Your dog wants to be closer to you and your touch.

    When your dog puts his mouth on you, he is seeking physical contact. He may also be seeking comfort, reassurance and attention from you. The reason why he does this could be because he wants to bond with you or simply because he’s feeling insecure about something (such as being left alone).

    Your dog is also trying to tell you that he loves spending time with you!

    Your dog is showing affection.

    Dogs are social animals, and they enjoy the company of their owners. They also tend to be more affectionate with owners than with other people or dogs, so it’s not uncommon for a pup who hasn’t had much experience around other animals (or vice versa) to get excited when meeting another furry friend.

    Your dog may have picked up on your cues that you wanted him near you by putting his head in your lap or under your hand as if asking for attention. If this happens often enough, he will learn that being close makes him feel good–so he’ll keep doing it!

    Your dog is showing you he trusts you.

    Your dog is showing you he trusts you. Dogs are pack animals, and trust is essential for them to survive in their packs. If a dog doesn’t trust another member of his pack (or even other dogs), he may lash out at that person or animal because he feels threatened by them.

    Your pup knows that there’s no harm in getting close to your hand–it can’t do anything but pet him! So when he puts his mouth on you, it means that he trusts that no harm will come from this interaction and therefore allows himself some room for affectionate behavior like licking or nuzzling against your skin.

    It’s okay to let your dog do what he’s doing!

    You should be more concerned if your dog is holding onto your hand with his teeth, or if he is shaking his head back and forth. This can be a sign of aggression or dominance. If your pup does this often, it might be time to consult with a trainer or behaviorist.

    If your dog is simply putting his mouth on yours as soon as he gets close enough–and especially if he keeps doing it–there’s no need to worry: it’s just one of those things that dogs do sometimes!

    You should feel free to let your dog do what he wants with your hand. If you’re not comfortable with it, then don’t let him do it! But if you’re okay with it and want him to continue doing so, then by all means let him go for it. After all, dogs have been using our hands as pacifiers for thousands of years before we even existed on this planet!

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