How To Keep A Dog From Digging Under A Chain-Link Fence


Are you tired of your furry friend escaping from your yard by digging under the chain-link fence? It can be a frustrating and worrisome experience for any dog owner. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various strategies and solutions to keep your dog from digging under that fence. From understanding why dogs dig to implementing practical techniques and products, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding Why Dogs Dig

Before we delve into the methods to prevent your dog from digging under a chain-link fence, it’s crucial to understand why dogs have this instinctive behavior. Dogs may dig for several reasons:

1. Instinctual Behavior

Dogs have a natural instinct to dig. It’s in their DNA as descendants of wolves who would dig to create dens for protection and comfort. This behavior is deeply rooted in their genetic makeup.

2. Boredom

One of the most common reasons dogs dig is boredom. If your dog lacks mental and physical stimulation, they may resort to digging as a way to pass the time and expend energy.

3. Seeking Comfort

Dogs may dig to find a cooler or warmer spot in the ground depending on the weather. They might dig to create a comfortable resting place or escape the heat.

4. Hunting Instinct

Some breeds, particularly terriers, have a strong hunting instinct. They may dig in pursuit of small animals they detect underground, like rodents or insects.

5. Anxiety and Stress

Stressed or anxious dogs may dig as a coping mechanism. It’s their way of relieving anxiety and finding comfort.

Now that we understand why dogs dig, let’s explore the various methods to prevent them from digging under a chain-link fence.

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog from Digging Under a Chain-Link Fence

1. Supervised Playtime

Dogs dig less when they are engaged in activities with their owners. Spend quality time playing fetch, going for walks, or teaching new tricks.

2. Provide Mental Stimulation

Give your dog puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, or engage in obedience training. Mental stimulation can reduce boredom-related digging.

3. Create a Digging Zone

Designate an area in your yard where your dog is allowed to dig. Bury toys and treats to encourage digging in this designated spot.

4. Exercise Regularly

A tired dog is less likely to dig out of boredom. Ensure your dog gets enough exercise through daily walks, runs, or playtime.

5. Use Deterrents

Consider placing deterrents like rocks, chicken wire, or inflatable balloons along the perimeter of the fence. These objects make digging less appealing.

6. Bury Chicken Wire

Dig a shallow trench along the fence line and bury chicken wire. Dogs dislike the sensation of digging through it.

7. Install an L-Footer

Attach an L-shaped footer to the bottom of your chain-link fence. This extends underground and discourages digging.

8. Apply Dog-Friendly Repellents

Use dog-friendly repellents or sprays on the areas your dog likes to dig. These sprays emit scents that deter dogs from digging.

9. Create an Unpleasant Digging Surface

Place rough materials like gravel or rocks in areas where your dog digs. This makes it uncomfortable for them to dig.

10. Seek Professional Training

If your dog’s digging behavior persists, consider enrolling them in obedience classes or consulting with a professional dog trainer. They can address the underlying causes of digging.

Products to Help Prevent Digging

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, there are various products available in the market that can assist you in keeping your dog from digging under the chain-link fence. Here are some popular options:

Digging Barriers

Dig DefenceUnderground barrierEffectiveInstallation can be labor-intensive
PetSafe Pawz Away MatScat mat that emits static correctionEasy to useMay require supervision

Dog-Proof Fencing

Coyote RollersRotating bars on top of the fenceHighly effectiveRelatively expensive
Dig StopperFence extensionsAffordableRequires installation

FAQs About Preventing Dogs from Digging Under Chain-Link Fences

1. Why do dogs dig under fences?

Dogs dig under fences for various reasons, including instinctual behavior, boredom, seeking comfort, hunting instincts, and anxiety.

2. Are certain breeds more prone to digging?

Yes, some breeds, like terriers, are more prone to digging due to their strong hunting instincts. However, any breed can exhibit digging behavior.

3. Can I use concrete to stop my dog from digging under the fence?

Concrete can be effective, but it’s not the most dog-friendly option. It can be harsh on your dog’s paws and may not deter them if they are determined to dig.

4. Will an electric fence prevent digging?

Electric fences are primarily designed for containment, not to prevent digging. While they can deter dogs from escaping over the top of a fence, they may not address digging behavior.

5. How can I tell if my dog is digging due to anxiety?

Anxious digging is often accompanied by other signs of stress, such as excessive barking, pacing, or destructive behavior. Consult with a veterinarian or dog behaviorist for a proper diagnosis.

6. Are there any non-toxic repellents I can use?

Yes, there are dog-friendly repellents available that emit scents that dogs find unpleasant but are safe for them.

7. Can I use homemade deterrents?

Some homemade deterrents, like cayenne pepper mixed with water, can be effective. However, be cautious with homemade solutions and ensure they are safe for your dog.

8. Should I punish my dog for digging?

No, punishing your dog for digging is not recommended. It can create fear and anxiety, exacerbating the problem. Instead, focus on positive reinforcement and redirection.

9. How long does it take to train a dog to stop digging?

The time it takes to train a dog to stop digging varies depending on the dog’s age, breed, and the underlying reasons for digging. Consistency and patience are key.

10. When should I seek professional help for my dog’s digging behavior?

If your dog’s digging persists despite your efforts or if it’s causing harm to your property, it’s advisable to consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist for expert guidance.

Preventing your dog from digging under a chain-link fence requires understanding their motivations and implementing effective strategies. By providing mental stimulation, exercise, and creating a designated digging area, you can curb this behavior. Additionally, products like digging barriers and dog-proof fencing can offer valuable assistance.

Remember that patience and consistency are essential when addressing your dog’s digging habits. With the right approach and a bit of training, you can enjoy a well-behaved and fence-respecting furry companion.

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    How To Keep A Dog From Digging Under A Chain-Link Fence

    My dog is a digger and I love that about her. She’s a good-sized dog, but she’s also got the energy of a puppy. My backyard is mostly bare dirt with some grass, so she spends most of her time digging up my yard. Not only does this mean I have to constantly replace my landscaping, it also means that when it rains, muddy water puddles in areas where she’s dug. This can be very dangerous for anyone walking on those areas! Luckily, there are several ways you can keep your pooch from digging under your fence without destroying the fun they get out of playing in the dirt or with their own private garden area

    Block off the sides of the fence.

    If you have a dog that likes to dig under the fence, one way to prevent them from doing so is by blocking off the sides of the chain-link fence. You can do this by placing a board on each side of your yard, or even better yet, using a piece of wood that will keep them from getting through but still allow you easy access if needed. Make sure that whatever material you use is secure enough so that your dog cannot move it out of place easily and make sure it’s tall enough so they cannot jump over it!

    Fill up the holes with potting soil and small stones.

    • Fill up the holes with potting soil and small stones.
    • Don’t use sand or wood chips, as they may be harmful to your dog.
    • Don’t use concrete or asphalt, as they can be harmful to the environment.

    Install a 4-foot tall fence along the bottom of the chain-link fence.

    To prevent the dog from digging under the fence, install a 4-foot tall fence along the bottom of your chain-link fence. This will keep your dog from being able to dig beneath it and get out.

    To install this type of fencing, use wire mesh that’s at least 3/4 inch thick and sturdy enough to hold up against heavy pawing or digging by your dog. Then attach it with metal posts every 2 feet along its length so that they hold everything in place securely (don’t use wooden posts).

    Use a spray foam to fill any gap between the fence line and the ground.

    Spray foam is a great way to fill in any gaps between your fence and the ground. It’s easy to apply, but it does take some time. Spray foam can be applied to either side of your chain-link fence line (the ground or the fence itself), so choose whichever option works best for you! Spray foam will fill in any gaps between your chain-link fence and the ground, making sure that no critters can get through those holes again!

    Build a small wall around your yard to keep your dog from digging at all.

    If you’d rather not have the hassle of constantly repairing and replacing the fence, consider building a small wall around the perimeter of your yard. This will keep both dogs and neighbors happy, as it keeps them in and out of each other’s yards respectively. You can build this wall with cinder blocks or bricks (or both), depending on how sturdy you need it to be–you may want to consult an architect if you’re looking for something sturdy enough to withstand strong winds or heavy snow loads during winter months!

    You can take care of your pet’s digging needs without being destructive to your yard or hampering their ability to enjoy themselves

    You can take care of your pet’s digging needs without being destructive to your yard or hampering their ability to enjoy themselves.

    Your dog is likely digging because they are bored, anxious or in search of something. If your dog has a lot of energy, but you don’t have time to give them the attention they deserve, consider taking him out for walks more often or enrolling him in obedience classes where he can learn new tricks and build confidence around other dogs and people. If anxiety seems like it might be causing the problem (for example if your pooch starts digging when there’s thunder), try giving him some calming treats like peanut butter Kongs filled with treats or frozen peanut butter stuffed Kongs from Amazon! This should help keep his mind off any potential threats while providing him with some much needed exercise at the same time!

    Dog digging is a natural behavior, but it can be difficult to deal with when your dog digs holes in your yard or under your fence. By following these tips and tricks, you can keep your pet happy while keeping their digging out of control.

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