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Short Note,Essay,Paragraph on Mother Teresa in English

Mother Teresa Essay – Why did Mother Teresa become a missionary?

She is seeking permanent residence in recognition of her extraordinary efforts in educating the poor and assisting the less fortunate. This location will serve as both her administrative headquarters and a homeless shelter. As a result, she established a missionary with the assistance of the church and the local community, where the poor and homeless could live and die in peace. Later, her NGO established several schools, homes, dispensaries, and hospitals in India and other countries, which she continues to do to this day.

Essay on Mother Teresa – When and how did Mother Teresa die?

She was a ray of hope for the populace, but death is merciless. And this gem died while serving the citizens of Kolkata (Calcutta). Additionally, the entire nation shed tears in her honour and memory upon her death. With her demise, the poor, needy, homeless, and weak have been left without a family once again. Indigenous peoples erected numerous memorials in her honour. Apart from that, several memorials in her honour have been erected in foreign countries.

Mother Teresa Essay In English – How does Mother Teresa inspire others?

There have been numerous humanitarian organisations throughout history. Mother Teresa appeared unexpectedly in the midst of the crowds. She is a woman of great stature who has devoted her entire life to serving the world’s poor and needy. Despite her lack of Indian ancestry, she travelled to India to assist the indigenous people. Above all, we will discuss the various facets of Mother Teresa’s life in this essay. Mother Teresa was not his given name; however, after becoming a nun, the church bestowed this title on her in honour of St. Teresa, who served as an inspiration to him. She was raised as a devout Christian and firm believer in God’s power. This is why she decides to become a nun. In conclusion, we can say that at the start of the school year, managing and teaching impoverished children was a difficult task for her. On the other hand, she manages her difficulties deftly. During the early stages of her journey, she taught impoverished children by writing on the ground with a stick she discovered on the ground. However, with the assistance of volunteers and a few experienced teachers, she is finally able to put together the necessary materials for teaching. She opened a dispensary a few years later to allow impoverished people to die in dignity. She has earned a great deal of respect in Indian society as a result of her good deeds.

Mother Teresa’s journey: From charity to sainthood (Essay on Mother Teresa for Students in English)

She has been a firm believer in God’s goodness and the goodness of humanity since she was raised in a Catholic Christian family. Despite having spent the majority of her life in the church, she never fantasises about becoming a nun. She travelled to Kolkata (Calcutta), India, after completing her work in Dublin, and had a life-changing experience. She enjoyed teaching children for 15 years in a row. Along with teaching school children, she made a special effort to educate the area’s poor children. She began her humanitarian journey by establishing an open-air school in which she began teaching impoverished children. Since then, she has continued on this path. She worked alone and without financial support for years, but she never wavered in her commitment to teaching students.