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Essay on Mother

Essay on Mother (200 Words)

No essay can ever be complete to describe a Mother. Words may always fall short when something has to be written about Mother.

Mother –often portrays as a living goddess in the life of her children, taken all the agony and anguish and replaces it with love and care. She is the one who spends sleepless nights when we are distorted or feeling sick, she is the one who becomes our support in our bitter times and feel ecstatic in our happy times.

If is rightly said that a child learns everything at home first, Mother being our first teacher. She teaches us discipline, how to behave, breeds us in such a manner to be respectful towards elders and courteous towards people younger to us. She displays a perfect example of a role model, thereby teaching us the responsibilities towards family, society and the country. Whenever we are stuck in a dilemma, she is the one who guides us in coming out of a bewildered state of mind and take a legitimate decision.

There exists a special bond between a mother and a child which cannot be busted no matter how arduous the situation arises. A mother carries her child in her womb 9 months, therefore she has a special connection with her child than any other person because it was built way before the child even came into this beautiful world.

Essay on Mother (300 Words)

Mother-The first best friend in every child’s life. She is the only one who eternally stands by us irrespective of the good or bad times. We are the first priority in her life and we receive an endless love and care from her like no other being on this earth can give us. A ray of hope when we have gloomy days and are unable to see any valuable, she comes like a silver lining. She is our secret custodian and knows all our argumentation of delectation and heartbreak.

A peculiar bond that endures between a Mother and her kids can never fade away. That bond can never lose its charm and will be carried forward no matter what stage of life you in are. She gives her entire age in growing us up to be a better person and a responsible citizen in life. Her true nature of giving and never expecting anything in return is what makes her a super human in every one’s life which cannot be replaced by any other person.

Some people consider their Mother like a God while people ill-treat her like a trivial person. She is our first teacher, always stays with us whenever we need her, makes various delicacies for us, waits for us the entire day to be back home, helps with our homework and projects and what we do when we grow up. When we become adults her love is often misinterpreted with insecurities and her care as possessiveness, as a result we ask her not to interfere in our lives and sometimes we even insult her which is a big shame.

We should learn to respect her and adore her as there is no replacement to the Mother.

Essay on Mother (500 Words)

When asked “Whom do you owe your success to? “ Or “Who is the inspiring person in your life” 60 percentage of the population gave the answer “My Mother”.It is truly said that God cannot be everywhere so he created Mother.

We share a bond with her even before when we become part of this beautiful world. She keeps us in her womb for 9 months, bearing all the pain and discomfort. Throughout our lives our mother gives us bona fide and true love, an eternal  love which is beyond any expectations. The love our mother has for her is incomparable as cannot be correlated to the love of any person in this world.

Pure love is another word for a mothers love. We often feel our emotions are caged when we have to express it to our mother, but why? Does our mother thinks before expressing her love, her care, her concern for us.A Mother is one who turns a mere four structured building into a pious he is the embodiment of true love, care and sacrifices. She is the one who turns a house into a sweet home by her true love.

She is our firs teacher, we start learning at home even before we start with our school. She is the one who starts our schooling first time at home and becomes a first and lovely teacher of our life. She teaches us Demeanor lessons and life philosophies are taught by her. Her day starts long before we wake up and ends after we go to sleep. She prepares our breakfast, gets us ready for school, equips us with our lunch boxes, does all the household chores, helps us with our homework, prepares our dinner and ensures that we go to bed and have a sound sleep.

Gone are the times when a mother used to take care only of the house. Today’s mom’s are known as supermoms, they not only takes care of their child and home, but also work. They manage office with same zeal and efficiency as they manage a home and never complain. We have some inspiring examples of single mother in our society like Sushmita Sen who broke all stereotypes when she adopted not one, but two girls, despite being single.

When we are born, we are void of doing anything, it is her love and care which helps us to grow and develop into a reliable person. She makes us able to understand and do anything in this world.

A mother has a selfless soul and never contemplates her own happiness in front of her kids. She is a woman with strong will power who always prepares us of how to face the tenacious challenges of the life. She is the one who stimulates us to bring about good things in our life by conquers all the catastrophes of the life.