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    What To Do If Someone Accuses Your Dog Of Biting Them

    If you suspect that one of your pets has bitten someone, then you should take these steps immediately:

    Stay calm

    If someone accuses your dog of biting them, it’s important to stay calm. It is not a good idea to get angry or argue with the person who has accused your dog of biting them. You don’t want to give the impression that you think they are making up the story just so they can sue you or something like that. If they say “I know it was your dog who bit me,” then say something like “I’m sorry” or “Thank you for telling me.”

    You should also avoid asking questions about whether or not the other person is sure it was indeed your dog that bit them (e.g., “Are you sure he didn’t just scratch at your leg?”). This can make things worse if they were mistaken about what happened and now feel defensive because their honesty has been questioned by someone who claims no responsibility for their own pet’s behavior! Instead try saying something like: “Oh no! I’m sorry–we’ll pay for any medical bills right away.”

    Gather evidence

    If you have a cell phone, take photos of the dog’s mouth and any injuries they may have caused. Make sure to get pictures of both sides of the dog’s face and neck so that you can compare them later if needed.

    If there is an injury on the other person, take photos of it too (if possible). This will help show that this was indeed an incident with your pet and not just self-inflicted injury or something else entirely.

    If possible, capture video footage of what happened leading up to the bite as well as after it happened so that we can see how events unfolded from start to finish.

    Ask the alleged victim if they want to go to the hospital.

    It’s important to ask the alleged victim if they want to go to the hospital. If they do, call an ambulance and let them know that you’re bringing over someone who was bitten by your dog. They’ll probably ask for some information about your dog and where it lives so that they can be prepared for what happens next (i.e., being able to get inside your house).

    If the alleged victim doesn’t want medical attention, take them directly to a doctor instead of waiting until later in case any complications arise from the bite wound(s). If this person is a child or elderly person with limited mobility or strength, consider taking them somewhere nearby (such as an urgent care clinic) instead of driving across town for an appointment later today or tomorrow morning at 9am sharp!

    Contact your veterinarian.

    If you’ve been accused of your dog biting someone, contact your veterinarian immediately. Ask them to examine your dog and provide their opinion on whether the bite was accidental or intentional. They may also be able to take photos of any injuries on both parties involved, as well as photos of any injuries on your dog’s body (if applicable).

    Have a friend take your dog to a veterinarian.

    If someone accuses your dog of biting them, take them to a veterinarian. Do not take them to the hospital, police station, pound or shelter.

    The reason for this is simple: most people who claim their pet was attacked by another animal will have no serious injuries and little proof that an attack even took place (or if it did happen). In fact, many times these claims are made after seeing a dog they don’t like with its owner or simply because they want attention from others in some way–and sometimes those people include law enforcement officials!

    Accusations of dog bites can be stressful, but you should stay calm and gather evidence before making any decisions.

    When someone accuses your dog of biting them, it’s easy to feel like you’re under attack. You might feel like you’re being accused of something that isn’t true, or that the person making the accusation is just trying to get back at you for some reason. In this case, it’s important not to panic and remember that most dogs are not aggressive by nature; there must be another explanation for their behavior if an incident like this occurs.

    In order to determine what happened between your dog and another person (or animal), ask questions about what happened in detail:

    • Where were both parties standing? Was there any movement from either party before contact occurred? Was there anything else going on at the time?
    • How did contact occur between them–did one approach another without warning or provocation? Did either party make any sudden movements right before contact took place? Was either party frightened by something else nearby (such as another person or animal)?

    If you are accused of biting someone, you should remain calm and gather evidence. You can call your veterinarian to see if they have any recommendations for treatment or legal advice. If necessary, contact an attorney who specializes in dog bite cases so that they can help guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit against the person who filed the false claim against you.

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