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    HOW TO EAT CURRY: What Is The Proper/Most Common Way To Serve Curry?

    When you think of curry, what comes to mind? Most likely, it’s a spiced-up dish that is often served over rice. But what exactly is curry, and how should it be served? In this blog post, we will provide you with the proper way to serve curry and answer some common questions about the dish. From its history to its flavor profile, read on to learn everything you need to know about curry.

    What is Curry?

    Curry is a popular Indian dish that typically consists of lentils, rice, and spices. It can be served as a main course or as part of a curry dish. There are many different types of curries, depending on the ingredients and spices used. The most common way to serve curry is by using it as a main course. Curry can also be served over rice or bread.

    Types of Curry

    There are many types of curry, each with its own unique flavors and ingredients. Here is a guide to some of the most common types:

    Masala Curry: A masala curry is made with a variety of spices, including turmeric, cumin, and cardamom. It is typically served over rice or naan bread.

    Bengali Curry: Bengali curries are heavy on Indian spices—curry leaves, ginger, garlic, and mustard seeds—and are often spiced with chilies. They are usually served over rice or naan bread.

    Tandoori Curry: Tandoori chicken or lamb can be cooked in a tandoor oven, which gives the dish a characteristic smoky flavor. Tandoori curry is also typically spiced with chili peppers and other spices. Tandoori chicken or lamb can be served over rice or naan bread.

    Malayan Curry: Malayan curries combine Thai flavors with Malaysian ingredients such as galangal, lime zest, and tamarind paste. They are often fiery hot and served over rice or naan bread.

    The Proper Way to Eat Curry

    There is no single right or wrong way to eat curry. However, there are a few general tips that will help you enjoy the dish more effectively.

    The first step is to decide what kind of curry you want to eat. There are various styles, each with its own unique flavor and ingredients. Some common types of curries include Indian masala (a blend of spices), Thai green curry, Malaysian red curry, and Japanese shoyu curry.

    Once you have chosen your curry style, the next step is to determine how you want to prepare it. There are three common ways to cook curry: in a pot on the stovetop, in a wok over high heat, or in an oven preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Finally, it’s important to follow some basic rules when serving curry. First, make sure your bowl is clean before adding any ingredients. Second, be generous with the spices; a little goes a long way in this dish. And lastly, don’t forget about the rice! It’s the star of any good Indian meal.


    Whether you’re a fan of curry or not, chances are you’ve eaten curry at some point in your life. And while the recipe might be easy to follow-the-printed-instructions version is usually pretty lackluster. So we’re here to teach you how to make the best (and easiest!) curry ever! We’ll show you how to cook up a batch of our favorite Indian dish using just three ingredients: chicken, onion, and tomato sauce. Whether you want to serve your curry over rice or naan bread is up to you!


    Ah, curry! The delectable dish that has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. From India to Japan, the savory flavors of curry have been delighting taste buds for ages.

    But if you’re new to the world of curry, you may be wondering: What is the proper or most common way to serve curry?

    Well, the answer really depends on who you ask. Every region, culture, and individual has their own unique way of serving up their favorite curry dishes. That being said, there are some basic guidelines that you can use to ensure your curry is served in the best way possible.

    First off, let’s start with the basics: what is curry, anyway? Curry is a type of dish that combines several spices with a savory sauce, usually made of yogurt, coconut milk, or other liquids. In addition to the sauce, curry dishes often include vegetables, meats, and sometimes legumes.

    When it comes to the presentation of curry, the most common and traditional way to serve curry is with rice. Rice is a great base for curry and helps to absorb the flavorful sauce. Depending on the region, curry can also be served with naan, a type of flatbread.

    For a truly authentic experience, try serving your curry with a variety of condiments. From pickles to chutneys to yogurt, there are so many delicious accompaniments to choose from.

    And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making your own curry? Curry dishes are highly customizable, so you can really get creative with your ingredients.

    No matter how you choose to serve your curry, it’s sure to be a delicious and unforgettable experience. Bon appétit!

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