When Dogs Go Deaf, Do They Think Everyone Stopped Talking To Them


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    When dogs go deaf, it is natural for them to experience a change in their perception of the world around them. However, it is unlikely that they would think everyone has stopped talking to them. Dogs rely on more than just verbal communication to understand and interact with their environment.

    Dogs primarily communicate through body language, scent, and visual cues. Even if they cannot hear, they can still interpret these non-verbal signals from their owners and other animals. Additionally, dogs have a keen sense of smell that allows them to pick up on pheromones and other scents, which can convey important information about their surroundings.

    While it may take some time for a deaf dog to adjust to its new reality, they are adaptable creatures who can learn alternative ways of understanding and communicating with their human companions. With patience and training, deaf dogs can continue to live fulfilling lives and maintain strong bonds with their owners.

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