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    Did football come from rugby? It is a common debate among sports fans. While it is widely accepted that American Football was created by Walter Camp, a Yale athlete, in the late 19th century, many believe that the popular sport draws its roots from Rugby Union.

    Both sports share similarities in terms of both rules and equipment. Teams consist of 11 players on each side who are all required to wear protective gear such as helmets and pads for their own safety. Scoring points is also similar with rugby using tries and conversions while American Football uses touchdowns and extra points. Furthermore, both sports feature running plays as well as passing plays – although Rugby Union has less strict rules when it comes to forward passes down field.


    Football, or soccer, is one of the most popular sports in the world. But where did it come from? To answer this question, we must travel back in time to England during the 19th century. It was during this era that football and rugby began to emerge as distinct sports. While both were developed from a sport called “folk football” which dates back to medieval times, rugby had its own rules and regulations and was considered a physical game played by burly men. Football on the other hand was less physical and more skill-oriented; it was designed for an amateur audience who preferred a spectator experience over a participation one. As such, football started to gain popularity at universities throughout Britain while rugby continued to be seen as an upper-class pastime of gentleman athletes.


    ☝️ Fun fact: Football and rugby have a lot in common!

    It’s no secret that football and rugby have a lot in common. Both are physical, contact sports that involve a ball, two teams, and a goal of outscoring the other team. But did you know that football actually originated from rugby?

    It’s true! Football has its roots in the British game of rugby, which was first played in England in the early 19th century. The game was originally called rugby football, and it was a mix of soccer and rugby. In 1863, the English Football Association was formed to standardize the rules of the game. The rules were adjusted and the game was split into two distinct sports: association football (or soccer) and rugby union.

    In the United States, a version of rugby called American football was created in the late 1800s. This version was very different from rugby and the two sports have evolved separately ever since.

    So, when you look at the similarities between football and rugby, it’s no surprise that their history is intertwined. Whether you’re a fan of football or rugby, you can thank the British for bringing us both of these exciting sports!


    Football and rugby have a long, intriguing relationship that has been around for centuries. From the mid-1800s when the Football Association was formed in England all the way to the present day, the evolution of both sports has been intertwined.

    To answer the question, did football come from rugby? The truth is, yes and no. While the two sports have a common origin and share many similarities, they have also become very distinct, modern games with their own unique rules and traditions.

    The origin of the two sports can be traced back to the British schools of the 19th century. At this time, there was no single, unified game of football. Instead, there were many different versions of what would become the modern game of football. One of these versions was rugby football, which was played with a rugby ball and allowed for a certain amount of physical contact between players.

    At the same time, there were other versions of football, such as Eton football, which was played by many of the elite schools in England. This version of the game was much closer to the modern game, as it did not include any form of physical contact.

    In 1863, the Football Association was formed in England and they went on to codify the rules of the modern game of football, which was based largely on the rules of Eton football. The Football Association made some minor changes to the rules, such as outlawing the use of hands, but for the most part, the rules of modern football were based on the rules of Eton football.

    At the same time, the Rugby Union was formed in England and they codified the rules of rugby. With the Football Association and the Rugby Union now in existence, the two sports began to diverge and develop their own unique characteristics.

    So while modern football and rugby do share a common origin and share many similarities, they have since become two distinct sports. Football has grown to become the most popular sport in the world, while rugby is still popular in many countries, particularly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

    So, did football come from rugby? Yes and no. While the two sports share a common origin, they have since become very distinct, modern games with their own unique rules and traditions.

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