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    Personal interviews are a part of many research projects. They can be used to collect information from someone who has firsthand knowledge of the topic you’re researching or who can’t be reached any other way. A personal interview citation includes the name and contact information for the person interviewed, as well as when and where it occurred. In some cases, it may also include a copy of your notes from the interview itself if they aren’t already included in your project’s bibliography or reference list (see below).

    What is a personal interview citation?

    A personal interview citation is a reference to an interview, in which you directly quote from or paraphrase the words of your source. It’s usually used when you want to cite information that isn’t published in a book or journal.

    For example:

    “I asked my source what his favorite movie was, and he said it was The Godfather.”

    How do I cite a personal interview in APA format?

    When you cite an interview in APA format, you must include the following information:

    • Who conducted the interview?
    • What publication was it published in?
    • When was it published and on what page(s)?

    When would I use a personal interview citation?

    The personal interview citation is used when you conduct an interview with someone in person, over the phone or by email. This includes interviews with non-published authors and scientists who aren’t professionals in their fields.

    You should also use this citation format if you’re interviewing someone who has published a book but not many articles in academic journals.

    Personal interviews can be documented in APA format.

    APA style is the most common way of documenting sources for academic writing. It’s used by researchers and scholars in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences to cite information from other people’s work. This includes books, articles, websites, interviews and other materials that you use as evidence when writing your own papers or projects (such as lab reports). When you are using another person’s idea or quote as part of your argument–for example: “According to Smith (2014), ‘The sky is blue.'” –you should cite them as the source who made that claim originally so that readers know where it came from.

    In conclusion, personal interviews can be documented in APA format. The most important thing to remember is that you should cite any type of source correctly and consistently.

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