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    Alton Had $18.00 To Spend On Paints, Which Sold For $1.14 Each. How Many Jars Of Paint Can He Buy?

    Alton wants to buy some paints. He has $18.00 and each jar of paint is $1.14. But how many jars can he afford to buy with his money? It’s a simple math problem that you can solve in just a few steps. In this blog post, we will explore the steps you need to take to figure out how many jars of paint Alton can buy with his money. Read on for helpful tips, tricks, and a step-by-step guide for solving this math problem!

    Alton’s dilemma

    Alton’s dilemma is that he only has $100 to spend on paints, which are selling for $50 each. He can either buy two jars of paint or save his money and purchase a new set of paints later. What should he do?

    The solution

    Alton has $120 to spend on paints, which sell for $15 each. He can buy 8 jars of paint.

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    In conclusion, given the information provided in this article, we can deduce that Alton can purchase 15.79 jars of paint using $18.00 at a price per jar of $1.14 each. We hope you find this answer useful and have been able to understand how to work out the number of jars for such scenarios in future too!


    Alton is an art enthusiast. He loves to paint and found out that a local store was having a sale on paints, selling each jar for just $1.14. The only problem was that he only had $18 to spend. Alton wanted to know how many jars of paint he could buy with his budget, so he did the math.

    After doing some calculations, Alton found out that the total amount of paint jars he can purchase comes out to 15 and 7/8th jars (or 15 and 784/1000th jars). This means that with his limited budget, Alton will be able to get enough paint supplies for quite a few projects in the future! With careful budgeting and planning, it’s amazing what you can do even with limited funds.


    Alton had a budget of $18.00 to spend on paints, which were sold for $1.14 each. So how many jars of paint can he buy?

    Well, the answer is simple math. Alton can buy a total of 15.7 jars of paint with his $18.00 budget. That’s because if you divide $18.00 by $1.14, you’ll get 15.7.

    That means Alton can buy 15 full jars of paint and still have $0.02 left over. That’s enough to buy a few extra brush strokes to complete his masterpiece!

    Although Alton had a limited budget to work with, he can still make his creative dreams come true. With 15.7 jars of paint, he can create a stunning work of art that will be the envy of all his friends.

    So if you have a limited budget for paints, don’t worry. With a little bit of math and creativity, you can still make beautiful pieces of artwork.


    When Alton got his hands on $18.00, he had some big decisions to make. With so little money, he had to consider carefully what he wanted to spend it on. After careful consideration, he decided to buy some paints.

    At the store, he found out that each jar of paint cost $1.14. With a sigh of relief, Alton knew that he could get quite a few jars of paint with his $18.00. But just how many could he buy?

    Alton did some quick math and discovered that he could buy fifteen and a half jars of paint with his $18.00. He was thrilled to find out that he had enough money to buy so many jars of paint. He knew he would be able to create some amazing pieces of art with all of his new supplies.

    Alton was glad that he had chosen to spend his money on paints. With fifteen and a half jars, he was able to make his artistic dreams come true.

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