accounts payable interview questions: Top Accounts Payable Interview Questions (With Examples)


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    If you’re interviewing for an accounts payable position, you’re probably already aware that it’s one of the most important roles in a company. You’ll be responsible for processing all invoices and payments, so it’s essential that you have strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. However, this job isn’t just about numbers—it also requires strong communication skills and an understanding of the human side of doing business. That’s why many companies ask candidates during interviews what they would do when faced with certain situations. Here are some common questions we’ve heard throughout our careers:

    What experience do you have with accounts payable?

    • What experience do you have with accounts payable?
    • How many years of experience do you have?
    • Can you tell me a little bit about your education and training in this area?

    What is your process for entering invoices in the system?

    You’re interviewing for a job as an accounts payable clerk, and your interviewer asks you what your process for entering invoices into the system is.

    • How do you enter invoices in the system?
    • What is your process for entering invoices?
    • What are the different types of invoices and how do they differ from one another?
    • Do they have any special requirements or formatting that needs to be followed when entering them into the system (e.g., number of decimal places)?
    • Can you give me an example of some common errors that occur during this process, and how would you handle each type of error differently?

    How would you handle a vendor who is late on payment?

    • Give them a grace period. If the business you work for has a policy of giving vendors a certain amount of time to pay, you should follow it. The length of this grace period will depend on your organization’s payment terms and what works best for you as an employee.
    • Ask for an explanation. If there is no policy or if it doesn’t apply in this case, then ask why the vendor hasn’t paid yet and request that they provide one by a certain date (your deadline).
    • Follow up with reminders until they come through with payment or an invoice showing how much needs to be paid by when–and stick to that deadline!

    Can you tell me about a time when you had to resolve a discrepancy in an invoice or receipt?

    The best way to answer this question is by using an example from your previous job. You should be prepared for this question, because it’s one of the most common ones asked during interviews for accounts payable positions. The interviewer will want you to explain how you resolved the discrepancy and how the outcome affected your work life at that company.

    Do you have any questions for us?

    This is the final question of your interview and it’s important to ask the right ones. Your interviewer will likely be open to answering any questions that you may have, so take advantage of this time to learn more about the company culture and benefits, growth opportunities within the organization, or anything else that might help make your decision easier. You can ask about anything from “What is the company’s mission statement?” to “How often do employees get raises?” Make sure that if there are any details about benefits programs or other policies which were not discussed during your initial interview process (such as 401k matching), now is a good time for them!

    Accounts payable interview questions and answers can be difficult, but with practice and preparation, it’s possible to ace them.

    • Prepare for the interview by researching the company and position
    • Review the job description and make sure you’re qualified for it (this is especially important if there are requirements that aren’t listed on your resume)
    • Practice answering questions with a friend or family member who can give constructive feedback
    • Dress appropriately in business attire; bring a copy of your resume

    We hope that this article has helped you prepare for your next accounts payable interview. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. You just want to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject matter and show that you’re a good fit for the job! Good luck!

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